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              Leadership and Business Strategy:?Ruthlessly Redefined

              A book on Leadership and Business Strategy for CEOs! Be a loser, be authoritative, be narcissistic, reprimand in public, fi re the guy who suggests CSR, believe that all consumers are fools, don’t have a woman CEO, make your employees hit the gymnasium, be a second mover, don’t invest in R&D, forget M&As, be controversial, believe in fi ring!!! If these strategies shock you, then this book is for you! CULT ruthlessly dissects 36 key strategic issues around Leadership and Business Strategy to give the most practical, research-based and contemporary 360? view of business and management to CEOs.


              The most relevant marketing book of our times

              THORNS TO COMPETITION is a book that presents a set of competition-beating strategies to sell a product. It showcases the selling mantra of the 21st century through the acronym T-H-O-R-N-S.


              1. THORNS TO COMPETITION
              2. TARGET IT RIGHT
              3. HIT WHERE IT HURTS
              4. OBSESS ABOUT THEM
              5. REINVENT IT
              6. NAIL IT
              7. SELL IT
              8. STATUTORY WARNING


              Master the 9 Powerful Principles Inside

              Discover The Diamond In You This book shares Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri's powerful principles and secrets of success. It induces 'belief' inside the readers that they are all diamonds, just waiting to be discovered. It's a commoner's tome to increase productivity in life & at work. "This one, which you are holding in your hands, I can assure you is a real diamond . . . The 9Ps of success that Arindam so swiftly and lucidly narrates will help you overcome failures and achieve success - because we all need some guidelines when we are down . . . This book is guaranteed to inspire you and it will definitely get you started on your path to discover the diamond within. There is a lifetime of learning squeezed into this innovative book. 59 minutes is all Arindam asks from you and you will have a more positive approach to your life forever. I finished this book in 59 minutes flat and it read like a story I have often lived and experienced. You too will discover a part of yourself in these pages and get inspired." From The Foreward by Shah Rukh Khan


              Script Your Success Story!

              The book 'Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch' is for all individuals who want to achieve super success in life… it is about counting your chickens before they hatch, because successful people do not wait for things to happen, they make things happen. The book presents principles of success through a wide range of issues like passion at work, motivating people and winning friends, effective communication and leading extraordinarily. The book also makes an interesting and lucid illustration of the India-centric 'Theory i Management'developed by Prof. Chaudhuri himself. The book extensively employs winning experiences and illustrations of a myriad of success icons-from Mahatma Gandhi to Martin Luther King, from Mr. Honda to Fidel Castro, from Stevie Wonder to Sir Don Bradman…from Swami Vivekanand to Gautam Buddha. The section on 'Theory i Management' draws liberal inspirations from the cultural nuances of India and the life experiences of Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Krishna in Mahabharata to develop principles of success for an India specific management model. Adds Prof. Chaudhuri, "Inspite of having the best talent pool in the world, our organisations have not been doing well. One of the most significant reasons for the failure of Indian management has been our failure to develop an indigenous management style, which revolves around our cultural roots and upbringing. Theory 'i' is an attempt to understand and define the Indian worker just like the Japanese had tried to do with their Theory 'Z'."


              Restoring Pride to a Nation Betrayed

              THE GREAT INDIAN DREAM Malay Chaudhuri & Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri for years now have been working together on presenting an alternative budget to the government of India each year. Their efforts now take the shape of a book in "The Great Indian Dream". "The Great Indian Dream" is an effort by the authors to take economics to the layman. The authors believe that while economics and economic policies effect the lives of the layman, the study and understanding of the same has deliberately been complicated, mathematised and kept restricted to a limited few. The book is divided into three parts. In the first chapter, called 'India Betrayed - Looking Local' the book traces the Indian economic development in comparison with the rest of the world over the last 50 years and more. In a forthright and academically justified manner the authors analyse and critically tear apart the entire process of Indian development and the lack of political will which has kept the majority of the masses in a state of abject poverty comparable to sub Saharan African standards. In the second chapter, called 'Happy Capitalism - Thinking Global' the book propagates Arindam's concept of Happy Capitalism. This path breaking effort tries to talk about an ideal economic system in order to achieve "The Great Indian Dream". It compares the inhuman aspects of the modern day market oriented capitalist system non conducive to human happiness with the ideal system that the global economies should thrive for. It calls for the adoption of absolutely original and iconoclastic concepts of Survival of the Weakest, Trickle-up Theory and the Law of Increasing Marginal Utility in an attempt to propagate limits to growth for a happier society. It is the third chapter, called 'The Great Indian Dream' where the book comes out as an entirely different experience from many other books which have analysed the state of the Indian economy due to the fact that it also gives possible solutions to the identified problems. This is where Malay Chaudhuri's years of research and experience shows up along with his passion for the masses. The authors have almost worked like a mini planning commission giving alternate resource mobilization techniques as well as their uses and tried to show how a 14% growth rate is feasible. This is where the book really scores. It ends with "The Great Indian Dream"… a vision for a great Indian revival. Professor Chaudhuri is the Dean, Centre for Economic Research & Advanced Studies at IIPM (The Indian Institute of Planning & Management, New Delhi). In the year 1996 he founded Planman Consulting.

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